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    Vertiflex Procedure

    Vertiflex Procedure
    The Vertiflex procedure is a treatment option offered for patients with spinal stenosis who have failed to manage their pain with conservative treatments and medications. A confirmatory MRI and X-ray will be needed to visualize the patient’s stenosis. Patients with spinal stenosis typically have increased back pain when straightening out their back, such as when they are sleeping or standing/sitting up straight for extended periods of time. The Vertiflex works to restrict spinal extension (straightening), while preserving lateral and rotation movement. ​​A small implant is placed between vertebral spinous processes. These implants widen interlaminar spaces without creating rigidity. Studies show long-term sustained clinical benefit compared to traditional laminectomies, and the Vertiflex procedure is less invasive for those who do not want to undergo major surgery for their pain. This procedure is performed with the patient under sedation, while being carefully monitored by our anesthesia providers to ensure minimum complications.

    What conditions can this treat?

    Lumbar spinal stenosis can be caused by many conditions other than aging wear and tear:

    • Anatomical birth conditions, such as scoliosis
    • Spinal tumors compressing the cord
    • Injuries or chronic micro-trauma
    • Paget’s disease of bone
    • Ligamentous excess calcium deposits