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    A vertebroplasty is similar to a kyphoplasty, in that it is an outpatient procedure that involves injecting acrylic cement with a biopsy needle into the vertebra, typically for a vertebra with a compression fracture injury. Patients with a spinal compression fracture can present with a kyphosis (“humpback” deformity), which can be corrected with vertebroplasty so the patient can regain their posture and manage their pain. Our physicians at Kansas Pain Management will offer the patient light sedation during the procedure, while monitoring the patient for hemodynamic stability. The physician will inject a local anesthetic in the area where the biopsy needle will insert the cement, then will guide the needle with X-rays to ensure proper placement into the spinal segment. The acrylic cement quickly dries and forms a support structure for stabilization and strength.

    What conditions can this treat?

    Vertebroplasty can be a useful treatment for many syndromes which cause vertebral body fractures, such as:

    • Osteoporosis
    • Cancer metastasized to the spine
    • Prior acute injury or chronic micro-traumas