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    Kyphoplasty Procedure: It's Purpose & Side Effects

    Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to help patients who have compression fractures in their spine. The bones of your spine are called vertebrae, and when a single one breaks, the bone may collapse and cause deformity, height loss, and pain. These fractures in your vertebrae, and the bones of your spine,  can come from a variety of causes such as cancer, injuries, or osteoporosis. Kyphoplasty is a procedure that can help alleviate this pain and restore the structure of the vertebrae.

    How is Kyphoplasty Treatment Done?

    Kyphoplasty is a procedure done in our office under light anesthesia to help our patients relax.  Using an X-ray the doctor will identify the treatment areas and use numbing medicine in the area to help relieve the pain of the procedure. Then a needle is placed through the skin and guided with an X-ray into the broken bone.

    A balloon is placed through the needle into the bone and inflated. This balloon restores the height of the vertebrae. Then, a medical cement is injected into the opened space to strengthen the bone to ensure it will not collapse again.

    After the procedure:

    Patients will recover in our clinic recovery area and then are able to go home on the same day of the surgery. We do require our patients have a driver. After 24 hours, patients will slowly return to their regular activities. Pain is common at the site on your back where the needle was placed and this could last for a few days. However, most patients experience less discomfort and less back pain immediately after the procedure.

    Why the Procedure is Performed

    This procedure is helpful to patients who have vertebral compression fractures in their back. Patients’ symptoms include point tenderness on their spine in a specific one-spot location. Patients may have a history of injury, cancer, osteoporosis, or other diseases affecting the bone.

    What are the complications or side effects of kyphoplasty?

    In general, kyphoplasty is a safe and effective procedure. As with any procedure, complications could include infection, allergic reactions, and damage to surrounding structures.

    Is kyphoplasty considered a major surgery?

    Kyphoplasty is not a major surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure all performed through a needle. Patients can go home the same day and pain relief occurs shortly after the procedure.

    Who is a candidate for kyphoplasty?

    Patients who have an acute vertebral compression fracture in their spine are candidates for a kyphoplasty.  Advanced imaging is usually performed and may include CT scans and X-rays to evaluate for this type of vertebral fracture.

    What is the success rate of kyphoplasty?

    Most studies show 90-95% success rates with kyphoplasty improving their back pain.

    Where to find kyphoplasty treatment options in Kansas City?

    At Kansas Pain Management, our team understands how pain can affect your life. Our team of doctors shows their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pain management.

    With the minimally invasive kyphoplasty procedure, it is our goal to offer you pain relief from vertebral compression fractures. Our team of doctors shows their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in pain management. All our doctors are dedicated to providing you with optimal pain relief through their training in kyphoplasty.  Patients can rely on our group of professionals to manage pain with compassion and efficiency.

    We at Kansas Pain Management are a team of nationally recognized and award-winning Pain Physicians in Kansas City. In addition, we aim to be more accessible to our patients and cover areas of Overland Park, Lawrence, Ottawa, and Lee’s Summit. We look forward to serving you. For a one-on-one consultation, call our office or send us an e-mail to book an appointment. We wish you a great journey toward a brighter, pain-free tomorrow.

    Watch the Video, Incase If you want to know  How the Kyphoplasty  Procedure is Performed.


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