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    Toni Seyhun
    Toni Seyhun
    May 15, 2023
    I started seeing Dr Kneeman a few months ago. He is kind and listens to you. I've had the best experience with him. Just had a spinal injection and he made sure I was not uncomfortable. He is the best!
    Deborah Spindler
    Deborah Spindler
    February 14, 2023
    Ally Ludlum
    Ally Ludlum
    December 9, 2022
    Dr. Kneeman took over my care about a year ago, though I have been under KPA's care for about 6 years now. I started with Dr. Gupta. I had been unable to work due to Occipital Neuralgia (diagnosed just before I came to Dr. Gupta), and Dr. Gupta got me back to work in about 3 years, which was an amazing feat! With my treatment plan in place, and Dr. Gupta spending less time at the pain clinic in Ottawa, I started seeing others in his practice. They were great doctors! But I never felt the same level of engagement with them as I had felt with Dr. Gupta. Then I found Dr. Kneeman!! I am always a nervous wreck when I see someone new, but Dr. Kneeman is awesome! Calm as a cucumber while still being very engaged! He's very thorough and very practiced with the tools of his trade! When we decided it was time to renew my RFA (radiofrequency ablation) and we went to do the nerve-block tests, Dr. Kneeman prevented me from experiencing potentially terrifying side-effects! There had been a miscommunication from the last time I had nerve block done (not with KPM) and I was not supposed to be taking OTC aspirin for a week prior to the blocks! (Which I had been as I had no idea!) Dr. Kneeman is the one who discovered this, through the nurse asking him about Ibuprofen that I had taken earlier the day before so he came in to talk to me. We could not do the nerve block that day, but I was, and am, incredibly grateful that he caught the issue before it could become a terrifying experience! Yesterday I had my RFA with him, and he was just as awesome as ever! It helped that I knew I was in amazingly competent hands, so it seemed like no time at all I was back at home, feeling better already! TlDr: I started with Dr. Gupta (who remains awesome), but I am also ecstatically happy that I am now Dr. Kneeman's patient. Both doctors are absolutely incredible and I am so, so grateful to and for them.
    Amanda Concannon
    Amanda Concannon
    December 6, 2022
    The Doctors and nursing staff are so wonderful here. They listen to you and work diligently to make you more comfortable. I have lived with an enormous amount of pain for too long. Washing dishes, cooking, getting into my bed and sleeping ,and several minor activities are so painful for me. The doctors here have worked with me and have given me treatment that has made an enormous difference in my life. I recommend them 100% over any other place you could go.
    Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson
    September 23, 2022
    I've been going to see Dr. GUPTA for several years. He interested me in using a Nevro Device for the pain in my legs & back. Many years ago I had back surgery & over the years the pain had gotten almost unbearable. The device was a godsend. The follow ups by Nevro people were great & helpful. The staff are very helpful and friendly.
    Opal Watson
    Opal Watson
    September 23, 2022
    Good experience every time..staff is great...Dr Gupta is the best...have experiences with him over several years....

    - Gerardo

    Nearly 10 years of military service took a toll on Gerardo’s body. The Army veteran and dad of 3 young children suffered from chronic pain and difficulty sleeping. Previously an active person who enjoyed running, the pain limited his ability to do much of anything. “It really destroyed me emotionally and physically,” he said.

    Before Nevro HFX, Gerardo tried injections, physical therapy and medications to manage his pain. He even tried a traditional spinal cord stimulator, but it was not a good solution because of the uncomfortable buzzing and tingling it caused in his legs. Given this experience, he was skeptical about trying HFX.

    “I’m happy to share that I was wrong. A few days into trying HFX I was sleeping better and had 90% pain relief,” he says. “I thought, wow, this device is working, and I’m not feeling the vibrations!”

    Dr. Mayank Gupta performed his implant procedure in December 2021, and since then Gerardo is back to being an active dad. Thanks to HFX, he is loving life again. “My kids are thrilled that I can play with them now! If you’re someone who has been seeking relief, give HFX a try. It may change your life.”

    – Tracy Livingston

    “The doctors, nurses and staff are kind, thoughtful, and truly listen to understand what I’m going through. They presented several options to treat my chronic pain. I finally have a treatment plan that addresses/eliminates my back pain so I can actually live my life!! They are such a blessing to me and I’m grateful to have found them!”

    – Carlos Munoz

    Mr. Gupta and his staff are great. They explain what they are going to do then follow through. The support afterwards is also great. I have had several procedure to include RFAs and pain injects. All have allowed me to return to life as normal after the procedures. I would recommend them to anyone that needs pain management assistance.”

    - Anna Harwooddonaldson

    After my back surgery I was not getting the pain management needed at the hospital until Dr Dalal was called in. Under her care I was able to finally gain relief and was able to return home. Our follow ups I felt heard by her. Her follow through on treatment plan and communication are excellent.

    – Astha Trivedi

    From Daniel Wright: My experience with Kansas Pain Management and the spinal cord stimulator has been fantastic. I am able to do things that I was not able to do before. It has allowed me to take care of my grandchildren and be more involved in their lives.

    - Debra collins

    Only been going to this facility a short time and seeing terrific results. Dr Dalal has been great. She listened to my complaints and went over the options . She examined my test results and promptly got right to the business of easing my pain. The injections she did have helped so much. I feel Like I’m on the right regimen for the first time in two years. My pain has lessened so much. I have been able to resume some of my activities . Dr Dalal and staff are very professional and knowledgeable while being kind and thoughtful. So thankful I was sent in her direction. I would recommend this facility to friends and family need be. Thank you Dr Dalal and staff 😊

    –Chelcy Dunn

    I was referred to Dr. Kneeman by my neurologist for ongoing migraines. I have suffered from severe migraines since I was 13 but officially diagnosed last 3 years. I suffer from occipital neuralgia headaches that start from the base of my skull and go all the way up to behind my left eye and at times can get very painful. Within the first couple minutes of meeting and talking with Dr. Kneeman, I knew I was in capable hands. He knows what he is talking about and does not try to persuade you one way or another about what choice you should take. His staff is just as amazing and will answer any question you have without getting upset with you. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kneeman to my family and friends!

    - Susie McCoy

    I was referred to Dr Jacob Kneeman after my surgeries for my spine stimulator. I was experiencing severe pain from CRPS, degenerative disc disease as well as arthritis. I went to 3 other pain management clinics only to be told it was in my head. Dr. Kneeman listens and explains. He is amazing

    - Katherine Myers

    Dr. Gupta and this office changed my life. I was suffering from terrible neck pain and they completely relieved it. They are so accommodating, efficient, and kind as well. I have tried almost every pain management “solution” out there; don’t waste your time; just go here.

    – Amber Crowl

    I was referred to Kansas pain management 8 or 9 months ago for nerve pain that I had had for about 10 years. My PCP had tried everything. All kinds of meds, physical therapy and had sent me to a different pain clinic where I received some injections that didn’t help. I initially saw Dr. Madl when I was referred to Kansas Pain Management, who I thought was very nice, but he had me try the SCS trial which did nothing for me. At that point I was feeling defeated because according to Dr. Madl that was the last thing that could be done to try to help me and if it didn’t help there weren’t really any other options. I also felt like I was being pushed to have the permanent SCS placed even though the trial hadn’t helped. Dr. Madl left and Dr. Kneeman joined the practice. I wasn’t very excited about explaining my problem yet again to another doctor when, up to this point, I hadn’t had any luck finding a resolution. My first appointment with Dr. Kneeman was so different than any experience I’d had up to that appointment with any doctor. He actually listened. He had empathy and I could tell he really wanted to get to the bottom of my pain. At my second visit Dr. Kneeman referred me to a neurologist for an EMG, something that in the ten years I’d been having pain, had never been mentioned. He told me this would pinpoint the exact origin of the pain. He wasn’t wrong! When I had my EMG, the place where the pain originated was super painful and the doctor told me, “this is where your problem is”. I felt like after so long, trying everything, and feeling defeated, I was finally getting some answers! Dr. Kneeman was just as excited about my results which made me feel good. It wasn’t just a win for me, he made it feel like it was a win for him too! When we met to go over my results, he set up an appointment for three days later for me to get an injection in the actual place where the pain originated, rather than just guessing. I will say the injection was very painful even with deadening medicine, but Dr. Kneeman and Amanda were very compassionate and understanding. They talked to me the whole time and wanted to know how I was feeling. If I had ANY pain, Dr. Kneeman would slow down and give me some time for the pain to subside before continuing. Once the procedure was over, they both visited with me while I waited the 15 minutes before I could leave to make sure I was feeling alright. My injection was this morning. Dr. Kneeman told me it may be a couple of days before I felt any relief but I do believe I’m already getting some. I just can’t believe that I have been dealing with this for ten years, have seen numerous doctors and had so many other procedures, only to have Dr. Kneeman figure out what the problem was in just four visits! I would recommend this office 100%, and especially Dr. Kneeman and Amanda, for any pain issue you might be experiencing. They are the best!! Also, the office staff is very kind and helpful.

    - Grete Phillips

    I can not recommend highly Dr. Kneeman and the whole staff at KPM. I received treatment for a pinched nerve in my lower back. All my questions were answered and during the procedure itself, Dr. Kneeman explained everything that was happenening.

    - Miranda Ornelas

    I had daily migraines for years. Started getting Botox injection with Dr Gupta about 3 years ago. I almost never have migraines anymore. Love the pain free days! Thanks Dr Gupta!

    – Teresa Wheat

    I have been going to Dr. Gupta for several years now. My neurologist recommended Dr. Gupta. I had lived with migraines since I was 25 over 30 years. My nerves and muscles in my right side of my neck has given me horrible pain for years and when I was told this pain could be taken away I was game. Dr. Gupta was able to use injections to remove this pain for years at a time. Which helped with my migraines then with Botox injection helped control my migraines to a tolerable level. Anna was very kind and Dr. Gupta is always polite and concerned for my well-being.

    – James Hager

    This Nevro Stimulator is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had 12 back surgeries and experienced electrical type shocks down my legs for years. Debilitating pain, sometimes to the point of crawling instead of walking. Even turning over in bed was a chore. Since having this implanted over two years ago, I have not experienced ONE shock event! I have rarely had to take breakthrough pain meds. In truth, I cannot recall the last time I have taken my pain meds or muscle relaxers. This has allowed me to get back to doing activities that I had pretty much given up on, like my life’s passion, GOLF! I highly recommend this type of therapy.

    – Shauna Winters

    Love this Dr. have been seeing him for a few years even started bringing my mother to him. Knowledgeable and helpful! Always leave feeling better!

    – S. Millsap

    Patients with Ehler’s Danlos often go through a lot of poking, prodding, doctors, hospitals and surgery centers before and after we receive our diagnosis. It can cause issues the more and more we have to go to appointments and procedures. From the ladies at the front desk to the nurses and doctors in back, everyone is cheerful, friendly, and understanding. I can honestly say the kindness, patience and timeliness of the staff makes every visit easier than it is at any other doctor’s office I go to. They are truly amazing.

    – Tim Smith

    RFA procedure. Very professional and caring person

    – Dawn Weber

    Dr Gupta is a miracle worker and also quite kind.

    – Linda Thies

    I have been a patient at Kansas Pain Management for several years. The doctors are very informed; listen to your complaints & do everything they can to help your pain. I have been very pleased! I’m also impressed with Suzie at the front desk – professional & friendly. I highly recommend this group!

    – John

    KS Pain Management continues to provide outstanding service there is! I have been going there over a year, there staff, customer service and overall quality care surpassed my expectations! My provider and team are awesome, I recommend to anyone who is looking for good quality PM services and care at KS Pain Management.

    – Tim Smith

    Of all the offices I’ve visited for medical reasons, this office staff was the best hands down. They not only greet you with a smile, positive attitude and kind words, they get to know you and care about you as much as the doctors do. Dr. Ray is a thoughtful, caring and patient doctor. She explores all options for your treatments and goes above and beyond to help you get the treatment you need. Such a great place to seek treatment.

    – Tom O’Meara

    I have seen Dr Dilal, Gupta and Madl. All 3 have been great at explaining the treatment plans available to me. They were able to prescribe an effective drug plan to provide me relief. They have also done some in-house procedures on site vs having to go to an outpatient location. Their admin staff is friendly and efficient on all scheduling requests and information requests. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from CRPS or chronic regional pain syndrome.

    – Jamila Shakur

    Dr. Gupta was very patience and understanding, he listen to my concerns and he honored them. highly recommend Dr. Gupta and this facility. The staff here was and is very professional. Thank you all for taking good care of me.

    – Nickole Romsa

    Went to Dr. Gupta for a herniated disc. Ended up getting spinal epidural injections and it was a simple Easy procedure. I was quite terrified but Melissa was wonderful at getting me prepped and calming down assuring me it wouldn’t be bad. Excited to see how the results turn out!

    – Jon Gilmore

    Dr.Gupta is a very personable & knowledgable Doctor. He has been thorough during each of his assessments and explains in detail the procedures best suited for each situation. I would recommend Dr.Gupta to anyone needing help with any of their medical needs. He solved issues that I thought were unsolvable. I wish I had come to him sooner. I could have felt better than I did before coming to him.

    – Christine hamele

    I’ve been treated by most of the physicians at Kansas Pain Management and found them to not only deliver high-quality care, but they are compassionate and really listen to you. The support staff are always helpful and very nice.

    – Dan Keith

    Very friendly group. Malisa was very sweet. Dr. Gupta is very good with injections. Highly recommend.

    – Anna manuylenko

    This place has great doctors that really care for their patients. Susie is fantastic and will always go the extra mile for the patients and the doctors!

    – Alex Munoz

    From the moment you connect with Susie at the front desk you feel cared for by everyone at this practice. She was patient and found an opening and scheduled my telemedicine consultation with Nicole . Nicole provided a thorough consultation making sure to answer all my questions in depth. I have recommended coworkers and friends to this practice and their feedback mirrors these sentiments

    – Greg Borr

    I went to Kansas Pain Management after going many months with back pain that my regular Doctor, a Chiropractor and therapists could not address. Dr. Ray thoroughly reviewed my MRI with me, showed my on a spinal model my issues, laid out a treatment option and had Epidural injections authorized by my insurance all while I was there the first time! Between the injections and stretches they taught me I have now been pain free for over 7 months and can golf again without issue. I highly recommend Kansas Pain Management.

    – Jim Blakeslee

    I have been a patient of the practice (10+ years) for my chronic back problems. Dr. Gupta and the staff are the best!!

    – Dawn E

    Dr Ray is amazing.

    – Ann Marie Blando

    It is hard to find a good pain management team that will consistently work with you and for you through back and neck pain. When something new comes up they are always there to help. I highly recommend Kansas Pain Management!

    – Alex F

    I have been coming to Dr. Gupta for a about 3-4 years and very pleased with the care I receive. He has done a wonderful job with my pain management. He very kind and caring and listens to your concerns. He uses modern, proven techniques. He will advise you of new alternative treatments and explain the risks and benefits of these new minimal invasive surgical procedures.

    – Jim M

    Great care by Dr. Gupta! Experienced and innovative!

    – Julie Bilyea

    Dr. Gupta is a wonderful doctor who has helped me recover from injury to return to active life.

    – Sam Berlin

    Have read previous reviews, & consider myself somewhat of a fact checker; this facility & the people working there may not look to be up to your expectations, however I have been well cared for since being a patient there; and with my illness I have been to a few health facilities & these people are 5 stars plus.

    – Kalila W

    I see recent to the group Dr. Landers!! I followed her here from Lawrence to do my epidurals to my back. I don’t trust anyone else and would recommend her and the team in the office to anybody! Office in Olathe is clean and nice. Would definitely recommend. Thanks guys!!!

    – Harry Mehlman

    on my feet right away. A second visit with Dr. Madl and that’s it. Pain is gone. Injury is repaired and it is just a matter of time for the body to complete the healing process. Everyone here is friendly and compassionate. My appointments are always on time. Prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended!

    – Gail B

    “I’ve suffered with migraines all my life. I have used various medications and procedures. I’ve finally found real relief from the debilitating pain with Dr. Gupta in Kansas City using the Radio-Frequency Ablation procedure. The pain level and the frequency of my migraines has reduced significantly. Without reservation, I would recommend Kansas Pain Management for anyone with migraine pain.”

    – Juules Julian

    Thank For helping in improving quality of life. Reminding me I can still have control without constant Pain. Thank GOD for leading me to your office.

    – Jackie beaver

    Thank you very nice place the people are very friendly the staff that is from Jackie beaver.

    – Norm W

    Cutting edge technology and great at treating the whole patient. Super Group….Outstanding

    – Matthew D

    Dr. Gupta is a great pain MGT specialist. As a combat vet I was hurt in Africa and had 2 failed back surgeries. Through the VA I received a pain stimulation device installed by Dr. Gupta and his staff. They have always been professional. He is a busy man so he can be difficult to set up appointments with that are immediate. I would recommend him to anyone in search of chronic pain relief.

    – Frank N

    Hi, my name is Frank. On June 4, 2018 Dr. Mayank Gupta of Kansas Pain Management preformed Vertiflex surgery on my back, and I feel like a new man. I had been experiencing sciatica pain for the last 7 years. At first the pain was manageable with the occasional hydrocodone pill but taking these pills didn’t set well with me. As the pain worsened, migrating from my buttocks down the back of the leg, my treatment became spinal epidurals. Some shots lasted only weeks while others lasted several months, but none were permanent. I was slowly becoming unable to walk more than 50’ without pain. Then on my last office visit Dr Gupta recommended the Vertiflex surgery. After his explanation of the surgery and the expected prognosis, I felt I had little to loose but pain. After the Vertiflex surgery I went home the same day to the safety of my recliner. I was walking, but a little wobbly for several hours. The second day I truly felt like I had been hit by a truck, this was mostly soreness at the surgery site and it subsided by early afternoon. I never had to take any meds stronger than some Advil. However, the third and fourth day I really started to feel more mobile. Each day steps weren’t as challenging, getting in a car was much easier. But the best improvement of all came on the fifth day when I decided I was strong enough to tackle a short walk. I ended up walking 1.5 miles without any pain and have kept this same regiment ever since. What a change from only being able to walk 50’. All thanks to Dr Gupta and Vertiflex.

    – Matthew D

    I’ve had lower back problems all of my adult life and it was determined that my lower back problem was caused by a congenital defect in my right hip, causing my lower back not to be in proper alignment. I had my hip replaced June 2016 and all was well until November 2016. After waking up or sitting down for any length of time, I started having severe sciatica that was impossible to get rid of. My medical doctor told me that I had very bad stenosis in my lower back and that it was the worst he had ever seen and that I would need surgery. I sought help from Dr. Ray and she suggested that instead of surgery, that we try direct steroid injections to areas that had the stenosis. After one treatment I noticed a drastic improvement and the sciatica went away immediately. I’ve just finished my third treatment within one year and I can run again and do everything anyone else can and I feel no pain whatsoever. My hip replacement helped me a lot, but the stenosis injections from Dr Ray, were the Icing On The Cake and the Saving Grace! I’m very grateful for the Great Expertise of Dr. Ray and Anesthesiology Professionals!

    – Gary L Ihde

    I have seen Dr Gupta for a number of years He has always provided excellent care and I have experienced significant relief I would recommend him to anyone that requires pain management.

    – James Handley

    I had an injection by Dr. Dalal in my hip and jaw, for pain, while I was in the hospital, and it took my pain completely away. In May 2019, I came to see Dr. Dalal in her office for a followup, and she has my pain completely controlled. I have nothing but the utmost confidence in Dr. Dalal as my doctor.

    – Al “Al B” Barrero

    After breaking my back, 10 hip replacements, and a handful of other surgeries, I’ve lived with chronic pain since 2008. I’ve been a patient of Kansas Pain Management for approximately 1.5 years. I have good days and some bad days, but the doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses & office staff have been amazing and are always there for me. In comparison to other PM Facilities, Kansas Pain Management has demonstrated that they are genuinely concerned with my overall health condition and they are consistently monitoring how well they are managing my pain. The staff is always pleasant, considerate & accommodating. If you are living out your days in constant pain, you aren’t really living, you are merely existing. When you are ready to lower your pain level or possibly rid yourself of your pain I would recommend scheduling an appointment. Thank You Kansas Pain Management for always being there for me. Best Wishes, Alan

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