About Kansas Pain Management

Kansas Pain Management provides comprehensive interventional pain management services in the Overland Park, Lawrence, Leavenworth/Lansing, and Ottawa, Kansas areas. With nationally recognized and award winning Physicians our providers are leaders in the field of pain management.

Dr Mayank Gupta has been invited faculty for American academy of pain, International neuromodulation society, World institute of pain.

Chronic pain can affect every area of your life: work, leisure activities and relationships. Our team includes specialized nurses and anesthesiologists who help individuals with severe and disabling pain.

Dr. Twinkal Dalal specializes in acute care and in-patient services. She currently serves in Overland Park and Leavenworth locations.

Dr. Mahoua Ray is the current Chief of Pain Management at Menorah Medical Center and specializes in Botox for Cervical Dystonia, Migraine headaches and Spasticity.

Dr. Adam Madl is an expert in the field of neuromodulation and currently serves patients in Douglas county, heading our new location in Lawrence. Dr. Madl specializes in spinal cord stimulation therapy and dorsal root ganglion therapy.

Our providers do rounds at Menorah Medical Center and we have admitting privileges at Overland Park Regional Medical Center & Menorah Medical Center.

Our clinics offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluation of each patient and individualized treatment plan. We approach each patient’s needs individually to identify the true cause of pain and provide a personal treatment program. The goal is to restore the patient’s lifestyle and eliminate drug dependency. We accept most insurance plans including several HMOs, PPOs, POS, Medicare.


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Research and Clinical Trials

Kansas Pain Management takes pride in developing the pain treatments for Future.

We provide evidence based Highly Advance Care and Engage in research that has the potential to produce dramatic improvements in patient outcomes for the Future generation.