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    Second Opinion Program

    Know you’re doing what’s best for you

    Our Second Opinion Program empowers patients to understand their conditions and the treatment options available to them. We believe that every patient deserves to be informed of what lies ahead which is why we created this program.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Our Second Opinion Program is very affordable. If you participate in an accepted payer plan, then your second opinion may only be your standard co-pay to see a specialist.

    How Does the Second Opinion Program Work?

    First, you’ll make an appointment at Kansas Pain Management with your preferred specialist. You will bring your records to the consult, and the doctor you’re seeing will review them with you. You’ll both discuss what type of pain treatments and surgeries you’ve had, the outcomes you’ve experienced, and what you are currently doing to treat your pain. Then we will give our expert opinion on the best plan of care moving forward.

    Call now to get your second opinion