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    Chronic Abdominal Pain

    Chronic Abdominal Pain is a type of pain that has existed for more than 6 months and is associated with no specific evidence of a particular disease or condition. This pain is neither associated with bodily functions like bowel movements, eating or menstruation; nor is it associated with medication or toxin. Chronic Abdominal Pain can be categorized into Non-Cancer related abdominal pain, or Cancer-related Abdominal Pain.

    Cancer-related Chronic Abdominal Pain

    If your chronic abdominal pain is related to cancer, some treatments that could decrease the intensity of your pain are Intra-thecal pumps for pain medication, celiac plexus or splanchnic nerve blocks, or Spinal Cord Stimulators.

    Non-cancer Related Chronic Abdominal Pain

    Sources of this abdominal pain could be chronic pancreatitis, prior abdominal surgeries or trauma-related injury.