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    Chronic Pelvic Pain Treatment

    Chronic Pelvic Pain represents non-cyclic pain perceived to be in the pelvic area that has persisted for three to six months or longer and is unrelated to pregnancy. There can be multiple different causes for this type of pain. If the pain seems to emanate from another medical condition, targeting that issue as a priority may help ease or eliminate the pain. Although women more commonly experience chronic pelvic pain in their lifetime, men can also experience chronic pelvic pain from conditions such as advanced prostatitis. If your pain is severe enough to disrupt your daily life or if you notice the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain are getting worse, make an appointment with us. The effects of the pain can range from annoyance to severe enough to make you miss work, disrupt your sleep, inhibit your daily activities.

    Pelvic Pain Symptoms & Signs

    It can be helpful for the provider to treat you if you can describe your pain in one of the following ways:

    • Continuous and severe pain
    • Cramping pain or sharp stabbing pain
    • Dull aching sensation
    • Intermittent pain which comes and goes
    • Pressure felt within the pelvis or heaviness
    • Pain going to the bathroom (urinating or during bowel movement)
    • Pain after you sit for prolonged periods of time
    • Pain during intercourse

    Pelvic Pain Treatments

    Medications, biofeedback. Pudendal nerve block, superior hypogastric plexus block, ilioinguinal nerve block. Patients could also be considered to receive a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant if their pain does not lessen with more conservative measures.