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    Transforaminal Epidural Spinal Injection (TFESI)

    What is it?

    In a lumbar epidural injection, a local anesthetic or a steroid is injected into the epidural space. When this procedure is carried out at the site from which the nerve exits the spine, it is called a Transforaminal Epidural Spinal Injection. This involves numbing the skin and inserting a needle directly into the Epidural space under the guidance from Fluoroscopy to inject close to the source of inflammation.

    What conditions does it treat?

    This helps treat pain arising due to disc bulging, nerve root compression, or dural problems.

    How long does the effect last?

    The amount of relief depends on the stage of inflammation. TFESIs can bring anywhere between several weeks to months of pain relief depending on the patient’s condition. In some cases, just a single injection has been seen to bring long-term relief as well.