What is it?

Spondylosis is a kind of arthritis that is characterized by a generalized degeneration of the spine that can occur in discs, joints, and bones of the spine with aging. While spondylosis can affect the joints anywhere along the spine, it occurs more commonly in the neck and low back.

What are some of the symptoms?

  • check-mark-1Stiffness after waking up from sleep or long periods of rest
  • check-mark-1Abnormal tingling sensation or numbness
  • check-mark-1Limited range of motion in the affected area

Treatment options?

Analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants are used as a first line of treatment, but for those with more severe and intolerable pain, nerve blocks, steroid injections, and trigger point injections are used. For patients in excruciating amount of pain, and looking for longer lasting pain relief, we also provide Radiofrequency Ablation procedure that burns off peripheral nerve endings and provides pain relief that usually lasts from months to years.