SI Joint Injections


What is it?

A sacroiliac (SI) join injection, or a sacroiliac joint block, is primarily used to either diagnose or treat low back pain or sciatica symptoms. This pain is more prevalent in females, particularly those that have given birth, due to the fact that during vaginal birth the bones at this joint move out of place to accommodate the baby, and do not always move back into the proper place.

How does it work?

A diagnostic SI joint injection is used to confirm a suspected diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This is done by numbing the sacroiliac join with local anesthetic. The injection is performed under a live X-ray guidance, or fluoroscopy, for accuracy. Once the needle has entered the SI join, contrast is injected into the joint to ensure proper needle placement and spread of medication. The numbing medication is then injected into the joint.