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    Who Can Radiofrequency Treatment Help?

    If chronic back, neck, or joint pain has made simple tasks like carrying groceries arduous, made sleeping through the night a rarity, or keeps you from enjoying activities you love like golf, jogging or even walking the dog, our radiofrequency treatment should give you hope. By attacking pain at its source, this non-invasive, outpatient procedure has been proven to eliminate or significantly reduce chronic pain for months, and in some cases years.

    If you think you’ve tried everything but still aren’t living the lifestyle you desire, you should take some time to discuss with us how radiofrequency relieves various pain syndromes affecting the back, neck, hips and extremities. Regardless of age or injury, radiofrequency eases many types of pain without the risk of surgery, the ups and downs of physical therapy, the side effects of medication, or the very temporary relief of massage.

    How Does Radiofrequency Stop Pain at Its Source?

    Radiofrequency ablation, also known as rhizotomy or neurotomy has been used as a pain treatment for more than 25 years. But, recent advances in our understanding of the nervous system have helped make the treatment remarkably easy on the patient while delivering consistent and long-lasting pain relief.

    Guided by X-ray imaging, the doctor uses a thin cannula to deliver radiant energy directly to the spinal nerve endings sourcing the pain. The pathways are heated to a temperature that disables the transmission of pain signals for months without damaging nerves that control movement, balance or normal sensation.

    Is Such an Advanced and Effective Treatment Really that Easy?

    The procedure is done in the comfort of our clinic and rarely takes longer than two hours. General anesthesia is not necessary. A mild local anesthetic eliminates discomfort and allows the doctor to work with you to pinpoint the source of the pain.

    The next day, you’ll be able to get right back to your routine. Shortly thereafter, you’ll begin enjoying months of pain relief and resumption of the activities you love. What’s more, if the treatment works well, it is perfectly safe to undergo the procedure again after the effects of the previous treatment wear off.

    Can Radiofrequency Be Your First Step towards Living Free of Pain?

    The long-term pain relief provided by radiofrequency treatment offers the opportunity to strengthen the muscles surrounding the pain source, improve flexibility and regain posture, all important steps towards eliminating pain on an ongoing basis.

    We understand that the way you feel affects many other parts of your life. Relief of chronic pain, especially in the spine, has been associated with resolution of psychological distress, reduced use of oral medications, lessened disability and an improved return to usual lifestyle activities. And ultimately, that’s our goal for all patients: to help you get back to the life you enjoyed before the pain took over.

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