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“I’ve suffered with migraines all my life. I have used various medications and procedures. I’ve finally found real relief from the debilitating pain with Dr. Gupta in Kansas City using the Radio-Frequency Ablation procedure. The pain level and the frequency of my migraines has reduced significantly. Without reservation, I would recommend Kansas Pain Management for anyone with migraine pain.”

Gail B

I have been coming to Dr. Gupta for a about 3-4 years and very pleased with the care I receive. He has done a wonderful job with my pain management. He very kind and caring and listens to your concerns. He uses modern, proven techniques. He will advise you of new alternative treatments and explain the risks and benefits of these new minimal invasive surgical procedures.

Alex F

Cutting edge technology and great at treating the whole patient. Super Group....Outstanding

‎Norm W

Great care by Dr. Gupta! Experienced and innovative!

Jim M

Dr. Gupta is a great pain MGT specialist. As a combat vet I was hurt in Africa and had 2 failed back surgeries. Through the VA I received a pain stimulation device installed by Dr. Gupta and his staff. They have always been professional. He is a busy man so he can be difficult to set up appointments with that are immediate. I would recommend him to anyone in search of chronic pain relief.

Matthew D

I see recent to the group Dr. Landers!! I followed her here from Lawrence to do my epidurals to my back. I don’t trust anyone else and would recommend her and the team in the office to anybody! Office in Olathe is clean and nice. Would definitely recommend. Thanks guys!!!

Kalila W

I've had lower back problems all of my adult life and it was determined that my lower back problem was caused by a congenital defect in my right hip, causing my lower back not to be in proper alignment.

I had my hip replaced June 2016 and all was well until November 2016. After waking up or sitting down for any length of time, I started having severe sciatica that was impossible to get rid of.

My medical doctor told me that I had very bad stenosis in my lower back and that it was the worst he had ever seen and that I would need surgery.

I sought help from Dr. Ray and she suggested that instead of surgery, that we try direct steroid injections to areas that had the stenosis.

After one treatment I noticed a drastic improvement and the sciatica went away immediately. I've just finished my third treatment within one year and I can run again and do everything anyone else can and I feel no pain whatsoever.

My hip replacement helped me a lot, but the stenosis injections from Dr Ray, were the Icing On The Cake and the Saving Grace!

I'm very grateful for the Great Expertise of Dr. Ray and Anesthesiology Professionals!

John P
Dr. Laselle
Joy M

Hi, my name is Frank. On June 4, 2018 Dr. Mayank Gupta of Kansas Pain Management preformed Vertiflex surgery on my back, and I feel like a new man. I had been experiencing sciatica pain for the last 7 years. At first the pain was manageable with the occasional hydrocodone pill but taking these pills didn’t set well with me. As the pain worsened, migrating from my buttocks down the back of the leg, my treatment became spinal epidurals. Some shots lasted only weeks while others lasted several months, but none were permanent. I was slowly becoming unable to walk more than 50’ without pain. Then on my last office visit Dr Gupta recommended the Vertiflex surgery. After his explanation of the surgery and the expected prognosis, I felt I had little to loose but pain.

After the Vertiflex surgery I went home the same day to the safety of my recliner. I was walking, but a little wobbly for several hours. The second day I truly felt like I had been hit by a truck, this was mostly soreness at the surgery site and it subsided by early afternoon. I never had to take any meds stronger than some Advil. However, the third and fourth day I really started to feel more mobile. Each day steps weren’t as challenging, getting in a car was much easier. But the best improvement of all came on the fifth day when I decided I was strong enough to tackle a short walk. I ended up walking 1.5 miles without any pain and have kept this same regiment ever since. What a change from only being able to walk 50’. All thanks to Dr Gupta and Vertiflex.

Frank N
Steve P

Dear Dr. Dalal,

I can't begin to tell you how you have helped me walk again and renew my quality of life. In July of 2018, I was in the hospital and unable to walk or care for myself, looking at a great possibility of having major back surgery. After consulting with you, you suggested giving aggressive pain management a try. Here it is 8 weeks after my hospitalization and undergoing pain management with you; I am happy to report that I am walking without aid and almost 100% PAIN FREE.

I Can't Begin to thank you for your patience and advise. You are an angel!

Smith C
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